It was great that I could use Rev3 as my first race back after fracturing my pelvis in mid August. SC was going to be one of my winding-down races for the year, however due to the circumstances with my hip, I’ve had to turn around and actually work on getting fit again. Now I’m planning on racing until Phuket at the end of the year, which will be my final race.  It was kind of enjoyable going into SC with no expectations or real pressure. Once again, Rev3 just put on an awesome race. SC was a really enjoyable course.

Surprisingly for this late in the season and being on the same day as Kona, it had a really strong field. Luckily, I didn’t miss much time off on the swim in the last 8 weeks, which really helped me to keep up near the front. However, the swim split into 2 front groups and I happened to choose the wrong group. By the time I got to transition, I’d lost 10-15 seconds on the leaders (Andrew, Steve, and Brian).

The first 5-10 miles of the bike, I really worked on chasing hard. I managed to catch up to Brian, but there was a large chase group behind me that caught up as well. Around 20 miles, I actually managed to bridge up to the main group at the front, but my fitness was not quite there to be able to hold them. I eventually got caught again by the second group. I was able to hold them going into transition.

The bike course was a lot hillier and more challenging than I was expecting, so going out on the run, I tried to hold back a lot to avoid bonking from my lack of run fitness. Due to the last couple of weeks of forcing my run, I pulled up with a lot of niggling injuries. These actually hurt more than my hip for the first few miles. After everything warmed up, I really felt good, so I decided to push the run to see what I could do. Even though I had no expectations for the race, racing mode still kicked in. I really pushed the last 3-4 miles and was able to pull back a couple of guys. At the end, I ended up running a 1:19, which I was really happy with and I managed to get 8th.

Once again, anyone looking for a good race this year – I really recommend this race. It’s a great location and really nice course. Hopefully I can improve on 8th this weekend in Austin.

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