If you haven’t figured it out yet, Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica.  Within the more educated & touristy towns English also rolls off the tongues of many locals.  However, if you plan to travel by local bus or are lost in the middle of  “who-knows-where”, it’s good to have a few Spanish words tucked in your pocket.  In case you don’t, here are a few to learn before your trip to REV3 Cost Rica…

Very Basic:

Hola- hello
Habla espanol?-do you speak Spanish?
Como esta?- how are you?
Bien-fine (muy bien)-very good
Por favor-please
Gracias-thank you
De nada-you’re welcome
Lo siento-sorry
Buenos dias-good morning
Buenas tardes- good afternoon
Buenas noches- good evening
Donde esta…..?-where is…? (el bano/bathroom), (la playa/beach), (el taxi/taxi) (puleria/store)
Cuanto  cuesta?- how much is it?
Que hora es?  What time is it?
Necesito…-I need…
Quisiera…-I would like….
Ojo-watch out!
Ayudame-help me

Commonly used by locals:

Tico/Tica-Costa Rican man/woman
Como amanecio?-Hows it this morning?
Macha-blonde tourist girl
Pura Vida-pure life (it’s the motto in CR, live simple…)
Pura paja-whatever dude, crap, BS
Por dicha-thank goodness
Que tigra-ugh, bummer
Soque-hurry it up
A la gringa-the American way. (Gringos are Americans, not always a nice expression)
Quiesiera bailar conmigo?-do you want to dance with me?