Friends, co-workers, do-gooders…this describes Team Nadia—a group of women who love and adore a cancer-stricken child named Nadia. They care for her as if she were their own child.

Who is Nadia? Nadia is a young, precocious girl who suffered for months and months with symptoms that mirrored typical allergies. During a routine procedure to relieve pressure in her sinuses, one of six tumors was found. From there, the diagnosis of stage IV nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) was given. (NPC is form of cancer affecting the ears, nose and throat area.)


At just 11 years old, Nadia started her third round of chemo and began radiation treatments. Although she’s handled chemo well, she will likely lose her hair and ability to eat. This traditional radiation may affect her hearing and destroy her ability to taste, smell, and possibly eat for the rest of her life.

Who is Team Nadia? Team Nadia includes a stage IV cancer survivor, a diva, an animal advocate, a runner and an extrovert. This group of women all came together to champion the fundraising efforts of Nadia. They will stick with their cause until Nadia is a survivor; they also hope to educate people on how NPC is often masked and misdiagnosed as allergies.


How is Rev3 involved? Team Nadia is raising funds for her treatments with the help of Rev3. The Rev3 team already agreed to fund $5,000 for treatments and now Team Nadia is hoping to raise an additional $5,000. You’ll find the enthusiastic Team Nadia volunteering at the Rev3 Williamsburg event.


How can you help? To learn more about Team Nadia and how you can help, visit and like their Facebook page:  As a community of Triathletes, let’s get Nadia another $5,000!!!

Stay strong Nadia!

-Jennifer Purdie