Just a few of the astonishing accolades of Australian Rebekah Keat: More than 20 half-iron top podium finishes, a world record 8:39 iron-distance finish time, three-time Australian Triathlon Champion, iron-distance first-place finishes…How does that make you feel about yourself?

Along with the noteworthy display of triathlon titles, Rebekah Keat is a spunky, sprightly Aussie with a refreshing optimism—very much true to typical Oz residents. Residing in both the sunny Gold Coast, Australia and across the Pacific in equally sunny Los Angeles, this bi-continent triathlete is taking her game face to Rev3.

“I wanted to try something different and have heard so many positive things about Rev3 from athletes that have raced the series,” says Keat. “I’ve been told how well they [take] care of their pros and that we get a life-size poster in transition, which is pretty cool.”

While still young in her professional athletic career, Keat started racking up the wins at an early age with first-place finishes in iron-distance events more than a decade ago. Even back in the 90s, she became the Junior World Triathlon and Duathlon Champion.

Destined to become a professional athlete, Keat grew up quite the sporty girl. After twisting her ankle in basketball, her father gave an ultimatum: playing ball or triathlon. The choice was easy. “I’m not much of a team player, so I picked triathlon,” says Keat.

It hasn’t been all a golden path for Keat. A bad bike accident in 2005 derailed her sports career for two years. Her titles are blank for 2005 and 2006, and she admits she still struggles with biking. “I’ve been through a lot with injuries and personal obstacles. I have certainly had my fair share of difficulties more than most athletes,” says Keat.

Many athletes would make a slow comeback, but she returned in 2007 with three major wins in Australia and the U.S. How? By finding a silver lining. “I’m a lot stronger mentally because of all the stuff I’ve had to deal with. It’s not what you have been through, it’s how you deal with it,” she says.

Now she’s looking to tackle the American stage. Working with Siri Lindley, one of the top triathlon coaches in the world, she’s certainly going to keep those U.S. competitors worried. “Siri is amazing and she is everything I could want in a coach and as a human being. She is so unique and certainly one of the most influential people in my life,” says Keat.

Lindley maintains equal respect. Working with Keat in Calif., Lindley finds her to be an all around powerful athlete. “She can swim, ride and run extremely well and has the intense passion and determination to push herself to the absolute limit to achieve her best! I look forward to her contributing to some really exciting racing at the Rev3 series!”

While only spending half the year in Calif., Keat spends the other half in her home country of Australia—giving her perfect training weather year round. Perhaps this no off-season approach, a respectable bond with her coach and positive attitude are how Keat’s going to reach the top of a Rev3 podium.

Fun Facts about Rebekah Keat

Favorite part of living in Oz: Outside BBQs and walking her dog on the beach

Favorite part of living in the U.S.: Santa Monica bike tracks and coffee with every single creamer you can think of!
By -Jennifer Purdie