I’m a planner.  It can be maddening sometimes.  But, putting together a race season is one part of the off season that I really enjoy.  It’s a delicate prioritizing of many things; having fun, going cool places, challenging myself, qualifying for something (sometimes), visiting friends and family, saving time for other family functions, supporting my wife’s riding/racing season, our financial budget, and my vacation-day budget to name a few.  

REV3 Wyoming Cameco Cowboy Tough Adventure Race -logo -s

Inevitably, some fun races in cool places get left out.  Last year Rev3 introduced its Cowboy Tough Expedition Race and I was immediately excited.  With this kind of artwork, how could you not…  It’s a Rev3 Adventure Race I could drive to!  I’m in Wyoming for work all the time and I’ve always wanted to try an adventure race.  But then reality set in; I don’t own a mountain bike, a 3.5 day race through Wyoming is probably not the place for a beginner, I don’t have a team, I don’t even know if I could talk any of my friends into this, which friends would I even trust for this?  A lot can go wrong between Cheyenne and Casper over 3.5 days.  They don’t call it Cowboy Tough for nothing… Ultimately it just didn’t fit into my plans for 2013.

2014 is going to be a different story.  Rev3 has added the Cowboy Tough Sprint Adventure Race the weekend prior to the Expedition Race.  It’s a beginner friendly race outside of Cheyenne with 3-5 hr and 4-7 hr course options, for solo and team racers.  They’ve also added Casper Strong, a 6-12 hr solo adventure race the day prior to the conclusion of the big boy race.  These both look a little more manageable for a guy like me.   They are also bringing a mountain bike race, urban adventure race, and glow run all packed into two weekends just in case I chicken out.


dave_o_bio2With all this in mind, I reached out to my friend (Rev3 Adventure Racing Team Member) David O’Rear and he didn’t laugh at me.  So, I bought a mountain bike this winter and took an outdoor navigation class from REI.  I’m in and I’m really excited about it!

I’m not giving up triathlon for adventure racing at all!  In fact, I’m still planning a full season of tri’s.  2014 just seemed like a great time to try something new.  My main goals for this year are; to place well at Rev3’s inaugural Age Group Triathlon Championship race in Knoxville, and improve my 140.6 performance at Rev3 Cedar Point Triathlon.  I don’t expect my training to vary much from previous years.  I’m really just hoping my triathlon fitness will be enough to let me finish a couple of mid-season adventure races.  I also hope a couple of 5-10hr off road races will reasonably compliment 140.6 triathlon racing.  Now I just need to learn how to ride a mountain bike without seriously injuring myself 😉  Wish me luck!