Erin Spitler, aged 32, comes to triathlon from 10 years of marathon and ultra marathon running. She wanted a break from the run scene and stumbled into triathlon as a way to stay active. Erin found she really loved mixing up the workouts in adding the cycling and swimming to the mix, and she did her first sprint triathlon in 2008. From her endurance background she knew she was likely better suited for the longer distance triathlons and turned her sights toward the longer events.

2011 marked her debut year in professional racing. When she first started triathlon it was all about fun and keeping fit. Last year she felt the pressure was on and it was about being the best, impressing sponsors, and making the grade. “I was racing to prove to others I was good enough”, Erin explains.

Now that her first year is complete, she has a much different focus. “I grew a lot this past year physically and mentally”, says Erin. “My goals now are directed towards being the best I can be. Of course I want and will go for the win, but I am winning for my own self and not for others. This was one thing that I think held me back in the beginning, and will make a huge difference in improving my sport for me this season”.

One thing Erin has learned from her many years of racing is that not everything plays out as planned. These mishaps are not tied just to the beginner experiences; being prepared for the unknown is a part of the sport. Erin tells us, “I have learned that there are many things that are uncontrollable in every race. Performing the same actions before a race never guarantees success”.

Now 2012, Rev3Tri is on her professional calendar. Erin competed in Rev3 South Carolina last year and knew instantly the series would be one that she wanted to focus on. “The atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxed. The different ways that the pros are treated from other series is awesome!” The personal attention Erin received from the Rev3 staff was impossible to ignore. “It’s just those little things that attract athletes to races”, Erin confirms. “We shell out so much money for this and that, especially for the race trip in itself. It is nice to know that the race coordinators recognize this and are willing to help us. The communication is flawless. Everyone at Rev3 is very on top of their game and willing to get back to you asap and help with any questions or needs”.

When not swimming, biking or running, Erin takes holistic health classes and wine education classes. She loves traveling abroad and spending time with her favorite canine companion.

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