Brian Duffy, Jr., 25, of West Chester, Penn. won the overall amateur races at Rev3 Quassy and Knoxville. New to Rev3, he certainly proved he can out pace even the more experienced racers.

Duffy, a 2010 Duke University graduate, currently works for the Vanguard Group as a project manager. He doesn’t have to look far for fellow competitors, as many of the employees are runners, triathletes and cyclists. He can talk shop while wearing his suit and tie.

But every morning you’ll find him in his workout gear. Typical trainings involve 5 a.m. sessions; because of the time crunch, he also completes all weekday bike sessions on a CompuTrainer. He limits himself to one workout during the evening each week and tries to get in one lunchtime run. “I try to backload most of my volume on the weekends. The key is knowing what time you have available in your schedule, having structure and making the most of each workout,” Duffy says.


Duffy competes in the sport for experiences. “I always tell people that one of the main reasons I do the sport is for the experiences. Triathlon has given me an opportunity to travel to new places and to be a part of amazing events. I’ve competed in all distances and have competed in several high-caliber races,” he says.

However, this is the first year he’s signed up for Rev3. “I’ve heard so much about how great the athlete experience is at these events, and wanted to try one for myself. I decided to do Rev3 Knoxville and Rev3 Quassy as they usually draw competitive fields, and both were within driving distance,” Duffy says.

His athletic prowess certainly stems from childhood. He swam year round until age 11 and then focused on running throughout high school. He competed in his first triathlon at the young age of 15—even younger than most professional athletes.

2013 Quassy Olympic -Rev3 TriathlonHaving a full-time job and succeeding at sport definitely makes Duffy excel at his time management skills. But he keeps it all in perspective, “At the end of the day, I do triathlon for fun, for the people, for the experiences and for the competition. It’s not my life priority and I have to keep that in mind, because as any triathlete can attest, the sport can become addictive,” he says.

As for the future, Duffy plans to attend full-time business school to pursue my MBA in the next year or two and hopefully compete in Rev3’s age-group championships in 2014.

Duffy Facts:

Favorite TV show: Duke basketball games

Favorite nutritional product: First Endurance EFS

Best time to workout: 5 a.m.

Best workout song: No particular song; usually just Pandora stations. But my favorite motivational YouTube video before a workout is the 2008 Olympics 4×100 freestyle relay race when Lezak catches Bernard at the last second!

Jennifer Purdie