Last December, Pacific Swim Bike Run  of Stamford, CT invited anyone interested to submit a 500 word essay on why they believe they should be chosen to win a package including free athletic training, professional sports gear and complimentary entry into the prestigious Revolution3 Full Distance Triathlon in Cedar Point in September. The influx of entrants was enormous and after reviewing countless stacks of impressive essays, Jeannette and Mark were chosen to train with the full support of Pacific Swim Bike Run


Jeannette moved to Connecticut from her home in Frankfurt, Germany ten years ago as an au pair. While living in Connecticut, she started running and eventually progressed from the 5k to half marathon by training and racing with her friends. Jeannette picked up cycling and swimming during her training, and in the past few years has completed sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.

Excited by how far she had come, and willing to push the boundaries of what her body is capable of, Jeannette entered the Pacific Swim Bike Run Challenge. As one of the lucky two, she is dedicated to putting in the time and sweat to achieve her goal of completing the Full Rev at Cedar Point.

“I am looking forward working together with other athletes and trainers who are able to teach me everything they know and help me become a better athlete. Even though I know that times can get tough and I might be ready to throw the towel I know I will push through and keep training. I want to be able to not only finish this race but be better than ever before.

“I am beyond thankful to Pacific SBR and them making a dream of mine come true! I will make sure to not disappoint but to make you proud of me!”


Mark is a Connecticut native, devoted husband and father of two. Growing up Mark participated in cross country and rowed for the crew team in college, but didn’t pick up the sport of triathlon until a few years ago. Once he started, he didn’t stop and has participated in multiple events every season, with his longest distance events to date being an Olympic triathlon and half marathon.

“I’m hoping this challenge will ultimately make me a better person both mentally, physically and spiritually. I also hope to inspire others to get involved with the sport of triathlon. As for actual goals and times for the 140.6 I have not had a chance to really think through that yet. To cross the finish line within the allotted 17 hours would have to be goal #1.
“As Eminem once said – “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime!” The Revolution3 challenge will be my Mt Everest climb opportunity for 2013 no question about it.”

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Follow Mark and Jeannette as they train for the Full Rev at Cedar Point. They will be posting monthly training updates here at Rev3 and blogging their experience at You can also follow them on twitter @JeannetteDudda and @IronmanTrainee.