by Eric Oberg, Rev3 Ambassador Team Member

Triathlon is not an individual sport. It is a family affair. Admittedly, for me, it started off as a very personal and individual undertaking with all the solo training in the pool and on the roads. Initially, I was the one setting early morning alarm wakeups to train, drive to races, and to set up transition. However, over time, it has evolved from something that I do alone to something that we all do as a family.

At first, my family’s involvement was in the form of support, spectators, and cheerleaders. My wife and three children would wake early, pack their bags with gear for the day, and make their way to the start to cheer me on and provide that much needed support and motivation. They would root me on at transitions, hold signs of encouragement out on the bike course, and give high fives as I ran by. Knowing that they were waiting to cross the finish line with me got me to the end on more than one occasion.

Over the course of a couple of years, my wife and children took the plunge from being on the sidelines to becoming triathletes themselves! The kids dove in first and participated in several kids’ triathlons around New England. Then, after all three children completed their first triathlon (including our youngest at the age of 5 – with an ocean swim), I think my wife felt compelled to not be the only non-triathlete in the family. I knew we were really on to something good when my son, at the age of 8, came home from school one day with a drawing of a triathlon and a caption that read, “The most important day of my life was when I did my first triathlon.” We were all hooked.

Being able to support my family from the sidelines and have them support me has provided many awesome experiences. Even more fun was being able to do a relay with my wife last year. This year promises to be even better with more family relays and memories to last a lifetime. This summer, we are travelling as a family to Germany where I will race my first ever 140.6 and spend two weeks travelling around Germany, Sweden, and Finland. It truly is a family affair. So get out there with your friends and family and have some fun!

Rev3 has two venues with Kids Triathlons. The newly added Quassy Kids Tri on June 5th and the Kids Tri at Cedar Point on Sept 10th. I am thrilled that my family continues to have more options to race with me at Rev3. From relays to the kids races, there really is something for everyone. Hope to see you and your family out there!


Eric is a recovering skier who has turned to triathlon to keep himself in shape. He’s an avid whoopie pie lover, shimmer suit wearer, and Moxie.  He lives in Maine with his super cool wife and three amazing children.