We all have those triathlon training days where you think your coach is out to kill you.  The workouts where you have a tear running down your face halfway through and you think to yourself – “how in the heck am I going to get through the rest of this session!?!”  We’ve all been there – and typically get through the workout (it was not that bad…right!?!)

After you’ve had your pity party, the first thing you need to do is recover.  Recovery is one of the key factors in a successful triathlon season.  Why you might ask?  Because if you are sore from a workout the previous day, it will affect how your body will react to your upcoming workouts.  Being sore restricts what your body will do.

So, what are the best ways to recover?  For me, there are three.

  1. Fuel
  2. Ice Baths
  3. NormaTec


1. Fuel

Living in Florida, the last thing I want to do immediately after a long ride or run in the middle of the summer is eat.  It’s just too hot and my body does not agree with it.  Being a member of Team Rev3, we are also apart of Team Elite for Powerbar.   Powerbar offers fantastic recovery products.   But my favorite is The Powerbar Recovery Sports drink mix in Orange.  With the combination of essential carbs, electrolytes and protein, it helps support muscle recovery.  And it tastes delicious.  I literally keep a canister in the back of my car at all times.  Just a few scoops in a water bottle and I’m good to go.  


2. Ice Baths

Yes, they are not fun – but neither is being sore.  Post exercise ice bath helps with fast recovery and reduces muscle pain and soreness after a challenging workout.  This is not something I do after every workout, but when it’s needed, it’s a blessing in disguise.  Typically as soon as I get home I’ll either hop in the pool our throw some ice in the tub.  Ice baths also help flush out the lactic acid that can build up in your body.  And no one likes lactic acid.  Ouch.  


3. NormaTec

Ah Normatec.  The best compression boots out there.  If you’ve ever done a Rev3 Triathlon Race, you’ve seen the tent offering this fantastic recovery tool (and hopefully you tried them out!).  There is a science behind the Normatec Recovery Boots that you can read about here, but it offers pulsing adjustable compression to transport fluid out of the limbs, which aids to recovery.  And they feel fantastic after an intense workout.  In just 20 minutes you will forget about the ride where you had a tear running down your face and ready to attack your next workout!

normatec mvp3x

So there you go – three of my favorite recovery tools.  Here’s to a fantastic 2014 season!  See you at the Rev3 Triathlon Races!  

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