For months, I have been anticipating this week to come so I have decided to share my tri travel packing list. The REV3 Triathlon Age Group Championship race is taking place at Worlds Fair Park in Knoxville, TN on Sunday May 18, and I could not be much more excited. The Knoxville triathlon was my first, favorite, and fastest Olympic distance race to date. Knoxville completely changed how I see the sport. It was my first year on Team Trakkers which later became the Rev3 Age Group Team. I learned that while you may race by yourself, against yourself, or for yourself, you can also be a part of something much bigger. I say Knoxville is so special because I had the opportunity to meet many of my new teammates.

rev3 triathlon age group team

Until this point, we had only ever exchanged emails and been on a phone call or two together. The instant bond we felt was like we were long lost friends who were picking up after a few years of not seeing each other brought a whole new dimension to triathlon for me.


The first year I did REV3 Knoxville Triathlon, I drove to the race. From Minneapolis, it was a solid 16 hours of driving. Luckily there were a number of Pilot/Flying J truck stops on the way for refueling (both me and my car.) There is something to be said about traveling. Some people love it, others hate it. It can be a source of excitement or anxiety. When you are not in your normal element (especially when racing), you can feel like a there is a list of a hundred things which you need to remember. I have put together a Tri Travel Packing List that I use when loading up for any destination race (even if it is only a couple hours away and requires a night stay.)

Let us start with an overall strategy. I like to lay everything out and organize by sport. I find it much easier to track things down that I will use at the same time and keep it in somewhat close proximity.

triathlon check list

If you would rather, you can open the word document to download and print the Tri Travel Packing List


I normally start piles on the floor or bed, utilizing a number of those sling bags I have picked up from races over the years. They help to keep everything in one place. Sorting items out by when I will need them and putting into these bags, I am able to better know where I will find the things needed at any given time. I also love the sling bag because they pack so nicely around a bike frame (just make sure you only have soft items to avoid damaging your frame or wheels during transit.

Speaking of packing a bike… if you are flying with your bike, figure out the logistics first! When you are price shopping for flights, take into consideration the airlines normal baggage fees, and pay special attention to bike fees. These can quickly add up. Another alternative is to use a shipping service such as Tri Bike Transport. Depending on your race location they have a few options for getting your bike, some of the options even include disassembly, packing, and re-assembly!

Even if you are not flying to a race, the tri travel packing list can help keep you organized before your next big day!