It’s almost impossible to have been in the sport of triathlon in recent years and not heard of Bree Wee.  As if the name alone weren’t catchy enough, she has arguably one of the most popular blogsites in our sport.   A Hawaiian resident, this woman maintains the spirit of the indigenous with her gentle demeanor, not to mention her striking natural good looks.   Plus she swims with dolphins!   What’s not to love about Bree?

Similar to most people bestowed with lucky DNA, Bree burst onto the triathlon scene relatively quickly.  In her first Ironman ever, The World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, Bree broke the Age Group Record which had been standing for 7 years.  She went on to have additional impressive results, to include 2nd at Ironman Japan and 4th at Ironman Florida.

Whatever she’s putting in her coconut milk, I want a sip of that!
Recently, I was able to catch up with Bree a little bit while in the midst of preparing for Rev3Tri’s inaugural Rev3 Costa Rica.
Carole:  Hello, Bree.

Bree: Aloha, Sharpie!

Carole: Getting excited for Costa Rica?

Bree: Totally…

Carole:  You’ve been a big Rev3 Costa Rica fan right from the start.  Why has this race resonated so much with you?   I mean, why did you know you wanted to do this race?

Bree: The very sound of “Costa Rica” always grabs my attention immediately.  It was my second home during high school and college and you just never forget your first love, Costa Rica was mine.  After college I had a job offer there but turned it down for a job in Hawaii, any opportunity to return excites me.  REV3 will be 2 years and 2 months since I’ve been back, so I am MORE than thrilled about this opportunity REV3 has opened to us.
Last season I really struggled to get to a REV3 event too, so this race has me happy to finally get back to REV3 racing.  It’s the perfect timing to kick the season into gear and the perfect place to do it.

Carole:  Since you’ve actually lived there, you have unique perspective.  Why do you think athletes are going to love the race in Costa Rica?  What will make it special?

Bree: Other than Hawaii, it’s the most friendly place I have ever been.  The culture is so welcoming, they literally go out of their way to make you feel as if you belong and they want to share all the things that make them happy, their food, beaches, dancing, land marks, all of it.  I’m pretty sure the athletes will embrace the simplicity of Costa Rica.  The pace of life is slow it causes you to stop and smell the flowers (or the beach).
Carole: Tell us a little about your last year.  You have a ton of fans and a huge following – catch us up with the life of Bree!

Bree: Let’s just say last year was bitter sweet.  I’m so blessed with the life I’ve been given, the things that cause me to smile have kept my chin up despite lack luster performances.  If life were dependent only on triathlon and my results I’d be a disaster.  Looking back I can count on one hand race moments that I’ve been truly proud of, for me that’s not enough, thankfully I’ve got other reasons to smile.  This year I’m still with Coach Jimmy and proud of that, he has been such a big support through all that happens in my career.  We have made a few changes and the passion I hold for racing and the desire to reach my goals still wakes me up and gets me moving every day, hopefully this year it gets me moving faster.  My biggest support crew (Rev3/Trakkers) still has my back and they have been with me since I raced amateur, being with them from the start has grown into a family and that also keeps me moving in the best direction.  Life is good in a lot of ways right now.

Carole: Good for you, girl.  That’s really great to have such a balanced perspective.  Tell us a little bit about a day in the life of Bree.  Not the training – no triathlete obsessively or compulsively writes or reads about any of that (sarcasm inserted).  Tell us a little of what your life is like in Hawaii.  What types of things do you do with your son?  What are your hobbies?  What do you enjoy doing?

Bree: I’m always finding an adventure.  Usually to a beach that requires four wheel drive and then a trek down a not-so-smooth road.  I’ve landed on black sands, white sands, and green sands.  We do a lot of fishing at sunset.  On afternoons off we spear fish or 3 prong, snorkel, and just spend time in the water.  Surf or just take photos of the boys out in the waves when I’m trying not to wreck my body.   We hike up mountains, visit lava, and recently have been enjoying Mauna Kea snow.  Outdoors things, except the occasional movie…

Carole:  I hate you.  Your daily life sounds like my greatest vacation.  So, tell me, how many times have you seen a shark while either surfing or swimming in the ocean?  Do you get scared?  Hear the “Jaws” Soundtrack in your head?

Bree: Sharks, yes seen them as close as the 6th buoy and beyond.  I’m not scared of sharks, they are all over the ocean and I totally believe like most things in life, they smell fear, and when fear smells you that’s when you get yourself into trouble.  Of course I hope to never get tangled up with one.  In college my friend Jeremy had is arm nearly bitten off and then sewn back on, it’s insane the damage those things can do with just a taste and every time I swim I’m aware of that but I won’t stay out of the ocean.

Carole:  Do you plan to do any surfing in Costa Rica?

Bree:  haha, I wish!  I’m only bringing my bike, I’m going to work September 19th 🙂  If by chance there is a board just sitting on the beach you better believe I’ll ask to borrow it though…

Carole: Thanks for your time, Bree.  We all look forward to cheering you on out there on Rev3 race day, and supporting your comeback this year!  Go get ‘em!

Bree: Anytime, Sharpie.  Thanks so much for the support.