May 1 to June 30





Sign up for the REV3 Virtual Revolution Challenge.  Its the combined distances for 6 virtual triathlons.  You will earn a magnetic coin for each triathlon you complete.  You can earn all 6.

Quarantri, Salute Tri, Montclair Tri, Williamsburg Tri, New England Tri, Westfields Tri

Each participant gets:

  • Buff
  • Magnetic Race Coin
  • Sticker
  • Personalized Bib
  • REV3 Hoodie (Kids get a Tshirt)

Registration Price:  $59 (if you are not currently signed up Westfields, Salute, Montclair, Williamsburg, or New England)

If a regular race gets cancelled,  individuals will have a choice to defer to 2021 or get the Virtual Revolution challenge race for FREE and the following:


If you registered for a sprint you get:

Free entry into the virtual challenge, PLUS $20 credit to 2021 event


If you registered for an Olympic you get:

Free entry into the virtual challenge, PLUS $50 credit to 2021 event


If you registered for a Half, you get:

Free entry into the virtual challenge, PLUS $125 credit to 2021 event


If you registered for a Kids race you get:

Free entry into the virtual challenge, PLUS $10 credit to 2021 event


When:  May 1 – June 30th


Choose one of the following:

Sprint Revolution

Swim:  3 miles or 30min of Athlete’s Choice

Bike:  72 miles

Run:  18.6 miles


Olympic Revolution

Swim:  5.4 miles or 60min of Athlete’s Choice

Bike:  150 miles

Run:  37.2 miles


Half Revolution

Swim:  7.2 miles or 90min of Athlete’s Choice

Bike:  336 miles

Run:  78.6 miles


Kids 6-10 Revolution

Swim:  600 meters

Bike:  15 miles

Run:  5 miles


Kids 11+ Revolution

Swim:  1200 meters

Bike:  30 miles

Run:  10 miles


Awards don’t go to the fastest people in this triathlon.  They go to the Facebook posts that receive the most LIKES.  So put your creative thinking caps on, grab your friends and family and compete together.  After May 2nd, the 3 posts with the most likes will receive awards.  You will be notified and the awards will be mailed to you.

Each registered participant will be mailed the swag they earned.  When you register, the address you put down is the address the swag will be shipped.  Have fun and thanks for participating.


Please consider supporting the event industry:


$5 for each entry will go into a fund to support small businesses in the event industry who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if I signed for a relay at one of the REV3 events? A:  You will receive one entry into the virtual triathlon.  Since the costs of the swag just cover our costs we can only offer one entry and one assortment of swag.
  2. Why can’t I get a refund?  A:  Costs for these events are spread out across the year and thus many of the costs have already been paid for.
  3. Can I do a duathlon or aquabike?  A:  Absolutely yes.  You will choose 2 events at your choosing.  You will register for the distance you want to complete and then pick your 2 events.
  4. How do I log my miles?  A: We will have an app where you can use the app to track your mileage or manually enter your time/distance. 
  5. Are there awards? A:  Awards will go to the people who get the most likes on our Facebook Group @REV3VirtualTriathlon.  So join the group, post pictures/videos and share with your friends.  
  6. Can I participate if I don’t have a Facebook account?  A:  YES, you can post on our Instagram page @REV3TRI or you can email us at and we will post on your behalf. 
  7. How much do I have to do at one time?  A.  You have 2 months to complete the challenge.  You can break it out into as many chunks as you would like.
  8. What if I can’t get in a pool or open water?  A.  The third event could be “Athlete’s Choice” if you can’t swim.  You can pick whatever you like however use the time guidelines.