There are no refunds on this event.


If you come to find you are unable to race due to medical reasons or a simple change of schedule athletes may defer their general race entry slot to the same race the following year. Deferrals do not carry over beyond the following year’s race. This credit only covers the race entry fee. USAT one day passes, processing fees, and online registration fees will not be included in your credit. In order to defer your registration you will need to e-mail us at with your Full Name, Race Venue, and Race Distance.

  1. You can defer your entry prior to Feb 28th for a small fee of $10 ($10 for Splash & Dash).
  2. You can defer your entry from Feb 28 – March 30th for a $15 fee ($10 for Splash & Dash)
  3. You can defer your entry from March 31st to race day for a $20 fee ($15 for Splash & Dash)

Athletes wishing to defer, will be provided with a unique entry code once registration opens for the following year and must re-enter the event after entries open for the following year’s event. The athlete’s entry slot is not guaranteed. Deferred athletes will not be allowed to register if the race closes before the athlete attempts to enter.  Deferred entries must be used the following year and cannot be transferred to other athletes.  If for some reason the race does not take place the following year you will have the option to choose another one of the Rev3 venues, you will NOT be refunded your entry fee from the previous year.