Let me repeat that, PURA VIDA. All it means is pure life, so simple. Pura Vida is the way of Costa Rica, everything is simple. Basically it’s summer and beaches all the time. I’m not a very good sales woman, in fact I’m horrible at convincing people of anything they should buy into at all, however the “teacher” in me likes to take over from time to time, and when it comes to Costa Rica I could teach you a few things.

This is what I want you to learn…

There is a little piece of paradise tucked in the heart of Central America known as Costa Rica. The Northern region is called Guanacaste and more popularly known for having active souls. This February while many parts of the world are tucked inside their warm homes avoiding the snow, ticos (the people of Costa Rica), will be out enjoying the warmth of sunshine, blue waters, white sandy beaches, and tropical views of a simple life. Think hammocks, big shade hats, bikinis, and a cool drink in hand.

I’m going to eventually get to triathlon, hang with me for another paragraph. Have you ever heard of the Blue Zones? If not, buy the book or google it. There are five places on this amazing big Earth we call home that have been given the title “Blue Zones”. The five places are special in the fact that in that particular area the people live longer, healthier lives than anywhere else in the world. It has to do with their simplicity of life, lack of stress, their diet, and their environment. The Blue Zones are: Sardinia-Italy, Okinawa-Japan, Loma Linda-California, Icaria-Greece, and drum roll please….are you ready…THE NICOYA PENINSULA OF COSTA RICA (Guanacaste is that Northern part folks). You my friends have an invitation to come explore a Blue Zone! February 19th and 20th REV3 and a small town in Costa Rica have organized a triathlon weekend (sprint, Olympic, and Half Iron distance).

I’ve been enjoying Costa Rica since 1997 and can truly speak from experience that LIFE IS PURE in Costa Rica and it is no wonder it is claimed as a Blue Zone. Okay, now for Triathlon. The swim will be in 80* water that will have you enjoying sandy beaches barefoot. The bike will wind, whip, travel, and go through and over rain forests, mountains, beaches, and little communities. The run will have you feeling as if you are a true super star as the entire little town will welcome you and cheer for you as you race your heart out in their little village neighborhood. For those of you that have been fortunate to race a REV3 event you understand the family atmosphere they provide, so yes, your family will have plenty to do race week and race day as well. And of course, a first class experience is always the case when dealing with the REV3 crew. I hope to see you in Costa Rica this February! Surf lessons after the race, okay!!

Enjoy the photos, they are from my days in Costa Rica as a surfer girl, student, and visits with my Tico family.